New album coming; Live in Clarksdale 

Played at Red's on March 24th of this year and had Boo Mitchell of world famous Royal Studio in Memphis come down to record me. I HOPE to release it the same weekend as King Biscuit. This is the first "live" album I've attempted and it was QUITE a learning experience. Weather in Oklahoma is finally cooling down. Love to all !!!

The blues is alright 

Some music magazines have had articles, recently, talking about that blues will die if it doesn't morph into something else. I personally feel like the writers of these statements never did like the real deep blues, they were probably rock and roll fans with a slight blues persuasion. I know people in their 90s who still listen and love the oldest recorded blues out there. There has never been a better time for the blues. Listen to Charley Patton, his lyrics are similar to recent headlines